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About Hesly

About HESLYWhy HeslyFence®Value & Expertise

20 years of fencing manufacturing: Trusted, Reliable & Affordable government, Commercial, Industrial solutions.

"Our goal was never to be the biggest, but the best!"

The HeslyFence® are fencing and gates specialists, we have a huge selection of fencing solutions available to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for perimeter fencing, security fencing, ornate fencing,spectator rails, sports fences, gates or railings, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for at HeslyFence.

The fencing and gate systems we supply are manufactured to exactly meet your requirements and specifications and we take great pride in our work. We offer a fully tailored solution to suit your needs from initial site survey through to fence manufacture, installation and after sales support.

We offer a site survey which will ensure that the correct products and quantities will be used to meet your needs and that any foreseeable fencing problems can be highlighted and resolved prior to the fence installation.


Founded 1995,The HESLY FENCING SOLUTIONS(heslyfence®) is a china-based multi-disciplined manufacturer, designer and exporter providing a comprehensive range of perimeter solutions to worldwide customers.

Our experience and extensive range of solutions mean that we can cater for all markets such as: industrial buildings, public infrastructure and highly sensitive sites, Airport, Prison Stadium as well as private gardens, agricultural properties and livestock. Over the years, theHeslyFence®has evolved from a small fencing manufacturer to a International Integrator Offering a protection concept tailored to all requirements.

HeslyFence®core fencing products: Chain Link Mesh Fence, 358 Mesh Fence, Temporary Fence, Airport Fence, Welded Razor Mesh Fence, Wind Breaker Mesh Fence, Roll Mesh Fence, Steel Palisade and Metal Railings.

To offer you the best possible solution, a complete range of services is available, including tailored design, factory testing, personalized advice, installation, commissioning, maintenance and after-sales service.

People & Teams in HeslyFence

HeslyFencethink that high quality products and services together with a management system which is effective, operational and cares about people — these are the ingredients for excellence. Therefore a group of enthusiastic and creative group of young people was gathered, capable to adapt to the situation and able to work together to grow and to compete in the national and international markets.

Our Value

  • ■ To be Credited

  • ■ To be Dedicated

  • ■ To Learn

  • ■ To Innovate

From years experience of international business, we were aware of the challenges ahead, represented by high quality standard driven markets along with competitive prices and only the help of the most professional teams.
By steady effort, Today we are not only proud to have achieved our objectives by offering high quality products to the market, but also to be a highly motivated group of people which believe in themselves and are fully committed to our clients, company, family and our community.
Quality Objectives
To realize true satisfaction of our customers
To efficiently manage our key processes
To continuously improve


Like any other company, we and some of our clients have gone through tough times, but after 10 years of hard work , our clients trust is on our side, and our loyal workforce is still going strong; therefore we know we are in the right path.

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