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HESLY Metal Fence
HESLY Metal Fence
HESLY Metal Fence
Fence Name : HESLY Metal Fence
Brand : HESLY
Certificated : SGS etc
Manufacturer : HeslyFence
Contact info : info@heslymetalmesh.com
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HESLY Metal Fence

Are you looking for a yard fence or small commercial fence that is sturdy, elegant and maintenance-free? Then our ornamental Metal Fence (steel railing) may be the best option for you!

HESLY Metalfencingexhibits the timeless look of wrought iron, while having the flexibility of vinyl, the low maintenance of aluminum and of course the strength of steel! Our ornamental fence panels are manufactured by hand rather than by automated tools and can therefore accommodate any style. The fence is constructed of steel for maximum longevity and strength, and crafted to look like traditional wrought iron fence.

While aluminum fence has become popular for property enclosures due to its corrosion resistance and weight, steel is a stronger alternative. With a chemically bonded powder coated finish and zinc phosphate undercoat, a steel fence panel can outlast an aluminum panel even in harsh conditions.Steel construction allows for longer panels without sag under weight or stress, which also allows for fewer post holes and less labor!

Specifications of Ornamental SteelPicket Fence

Horizontal bar:

Horizontal bar is square tube

Horizontal bar profile dimension: 40*40*1.5mm

Number of horizontal bar: 2-4

Length: 2434mm

Hot dipped galvanized (BS EN10346 standard)

High adhesion pvc powder coating (BS EN10245 standard)

Vertical bar:

Vertical bar is welded square tube

Vertical bar profile dimension:25*25*1.2mm

Vertical bar can be with flat head and spearhead, flat heads with plastic cap.

Length: 90-2500mm

Vertical bar center distance: 115mm

Hot dipped galvanized (BS EN10346 standard)

High adhesion pvc powder coating (BS EN10245 standard)


The post is made of square tube with a metal anti-pull cap

Post profile dimension:80*80*2mm

Post height: 1000 mm-3000 mm

Hot dipped galvanized (BS EN10346 standard)

High adhesion PVC powder coating (BS EN10245 standard)

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Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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