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Stadium Perimeter Fence
Stadium Perimeter Fence
Stadium Perimeter Fence
Product Name : Sports Fence
Company Name : HESLY Metal Fence Factory
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Sports Fence

Sports Ground Fencing System

HESLY Fencing Systemsdesigns, manufactures and installs playground fencing and gates at sites across China and with the highest possible safety standards. As with most type of fencing, there are a number of considerations to make to ensure the playground fencing is fully right for the job. However, clearly the most important for playground fencing is the safety and security.

At HESLY Fencing Systems we have extensive experience in sports ground fencing and therefore understand the many specific requirements it can present. Fencing for sports grounds and sports areas comes in a vast range of styles and patterns to suit different requirements. HESLY Fencing System mainly offer three patterns sports fence of Chain Link, Crimped Mesh Panel Fencing and Twin-wire Panel Fence. specification of the sports fencing will be determined by factors such as the types of sports played, plus proximity to road and houses etc. to ensure balls remain within the confines of the sports area.

HESLY Fencing Systems we split it into three main types:

Chain Link Sports Fencing
Crimped Mesh Panel Fence

Twin-wire Sports Fence

To prevent balls going over the mesh fence, HESLY Sports Fencing is available in heights of up to five meters. If this isn't considered high enough, we can add 'ball stop netting' taking the total height up to ten meters.

Posts are made from steel hollow sections and to a specification which suits the height of the welded mesh fencing and typical usage of the sports area. Clamp bars are full height as this helps keep the profile as flat as possible. Finish for both the posts and mesh fencing panels is galvanised and polyester coated to any one of a wide range of standard RAL colours. Non-standard colours are also available to match what's appropriate on the site to be protected.

Chain Link Sports Fencing System

HESLY Chain link Sports Fencing is probably the most commonly used playground fencing system due to its versatility, convenience and cost. Chain Link Fencing is used for a variety of applications including sports fields, tennis courts, playgrounds etc. When installed correctly using quality raw materials this fencing system can provide strong resistance and prove extremely durable.

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Twin-wire Mesh Panel Sports Fence System

Twin-wire Sports System is one of the welded mesh panel. The mesh aperture for this fence is 200mm x 50mm. Twin horizontal wires at each intersection give a rigid but flat profile, with additional horizontal wires for the lower 1.2m giving a highly rigid mesh fence and with even and predictable rebound properties - obviously important in many ball games such as five-a-side football.

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Crimped Mesh Sports Fencing System

Crimped Mesh Sports Fencing System can be install and fix wherever and whenever. It's specially designed to keep the ball inside the area of play and to protect the public with the advantages of excellent corrosion & weather-proof resistance and anti-aging property. It comes in a variety of sizes, strength, and finishes, each which should be selected based on the purpose customer.

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Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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