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Highway Guardrails
Highway Guardrails
Highway Guardrails
Fence Name : Highway Guardrail Thrie-beam
Standard : ISO9001
Brand : HESLY
Supplier : HeslyFence
Contact Info : info@heslymetalmesh.com
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Highway Steel Guardrails (Thrie-beam)

Highway Steel Guardrails is a strong post Thrie-beam system that has been successfully crash-tested with the heavier pickup truck.

Thrie Beam Guardrail Features and Benefits:

Thrie(three)-wave-beam guardrail features the three waves of the railing panels, which has an added corrugation and an increased surface area compared with the traditional W beam or two wave beams. The three wave beam structure enables a stronger construction and a higher impact endurance. Compared with the two wave guardrail beams, thrie beam guardrails proved a remarkable resistance against the crash force through testing.


- No offset block required
- Higher durability and strength than W-beam guardrails
- Absorb maximum energy of the impact force
- Redirect the mobile equipment as fast as it can
- Visual remand of the transition to highways or bridges
- Preventing the pedestrians from walking across highways ignoring the running cars
- Protect the vehicles against skidding off roads, especially mountain roads and bridges.

Popular Specification of Thrie Beam Guardrail Plates, Straight type:


Railing Length


Wave width


Wave height


Plate Thickness


Zinc coating


More than 500g/m2


More than 70μm as your requirements

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Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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