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BRC Welded Mesh Fence
BRC Welded Mesh Fence
BRC Welded Mesh Fence
Fence Name : BRC Welded Mesh Fence
Features : with top & bottome roll top
Certificate : ISO 9001
Brand : HESLY
E-mail : info@heslymetalmesh.com
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BRC Welded Mesh Fence / Roll Top Mesh Fencing

BRC fence is a kind of welded wire fence in Hesly fence product series. BRC fence also called roll top fence in some region. Its main market is in Singapore and other southeast Asia countries. Chinese supplier called the BRC fence to be Korean fence because there also have a big market of BRC fence in South Korea.

Brc welded wire mesh fence is also called rolltop fencing.

Its name comes from its’ appearance, the rolled top on the top and the bottom. Due to its rolled top and bottom, it looks more friendly and nice. That maybe why so many this kind of this fence in the city. It come with a decorating role of itself. There is also disadvantage thanks to its roll top and bottom, the loading capacity for the brc welded wire mesh fence is low. The roll top and bottom take a large space, and makes each panel have a big gap in the container.

Brc welded wire mesh fence is that kind of the economical one among the Skyhall Fence family. The only different with welded mesh fence is the roll top and bottom, so the production cost is not very high with one more procedure that make the roll top and bottom.

The application for the brc welded wire mesh fence is quite universal, like park, roadside, parking lot, highway, expressway and so on. To have so widely use everywhere, the brc welded wire mesh fence play its security role as well. The wire thick for the brc welded wire mesh fence can use the 5mm thick one, which is quite strong to resist the outside impact.

Many people will worry about the low loading capacity about the brc welded wire mesh fence, and choose the welded mesh fence or other welded fencing products. For some special decorating function, the brc welded wire mesh fence must be the great choice for you. To have the roll top and bottom makes the brc welded wire mesh fence more softly in visual.

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