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Roll Top Mesh Panel Fencing
Roll Top Mesh Panel Fencing
Roll Top Mesh Panel Fencing
Fencing Solution : Korea Roll Top Fence
Fencing Structure : With Roll-Top
Technology : Welded and roll bending
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Roll Top Mesh Panel Fencing

The HESLYRoll Top Mesh Panel Fencingsystem incorporates 'rolled' top and bottom edges to give enhanced safety and rigidity to the fencing. The Hesly Roll-top Fencing is recommended for use in parks, schools, playgrounds and residential areas.

The hesly rolled beam profile at the top and bottom edge of each panel provide maximum rigidity and make this fence especially suitable where safety is a consideration. The open mesh fence profile is strong and easy to see through. These safety features make Hesly roll top fencing ideal for playgrounds, play areas and parks. With a wide range of options and applications, Hesly fencing is available as a complete system in a wide range of colour options for boundary demarcation to general perimeter fencing.


HESLY roll top panels are made from 150 x 50 mm welded mesh using 5 mm heavy-duty wire to achieve high strength and rigidity.

The HESLY Mesh fencing panel is 3000 mm wide and standard fence height is 1200 mm, other heights are available on request. To achieve a range of fence heights up to and in excess of 1.8 m, the panels are designed so they can be added in 900 mm stages. In this case one or more panels are fitted above the bottom panel with the rolled beam sections being clipped securely being clipped securely together.


The posts for Hesly fencing are manufactured from hot dip galvanised 60 x 60 x 2 mm square hollow steel section in 1.8 m lengths and are available from stock to suit fence heights of 1.2 m. Longer posts for higher Pro-play fences can be supplied. Panels are secured to the posts with steel clips and 6 mm galvanised security fixings screwed into threaded inserts in the posts. All posts are supplied with protective plastic end caps.


Swing gates are available to suit each standard height in single and double leaf configuration with a Pro-twin welded mesh in-fill to match your Pro-play fence. Special sized swing gates or sliding gates can be manufactured to suit individual customer requirements.

Technical Data of Roll Top Mesh Fence

Roll Top Mesh Fenceare consist of vertical wire and horizontal wire with a diameter ,3.00mm,4,00mm and 5.00mm to achieve high levels of rigidity .The mesh aperture with a opening 50mm x 200mm or 50mm x 100mm from core wire centre to centre as a most classical standard opening, and width 2500mm and 3000mm mesh fence panel.Surface Anti-corrosion treatment commonly take galvanized with PVC powder painting( 100microns min) or PVC powder coating (500microns min).

Roll Top Mesh Fence System

TheRoll top mesh fenceis completely fence system it is conclusive of fence panel, post,gates and fastener system ,the post is manufacturer by 60x60 x 2.5mm square hollow sections and fitted with M8 threaded inserts for securing panels, with a wide range of heights available.,posts come inclusive of top caps.

Roll Top Mesh Fence Specification:

Fence Height

Panel Size 1

Panel Size 2

Inter clips

Corner clips


900mm x 2500mm

900mm x 3000mm




1200mm x2500mm

1200mm x 3000mm




1500mm x2500mm

1500mm x 3000mm




1800mm x2500mm

1800mm x 3000mm




2000mm x2500mm

2000mm x 3000mm




2400mm x2500mm

2400mm x 3000mm



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Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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