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Windbreaker Mesh Panel
Windbreaker Mesh Panel
Windbreaker Mesh Panel
Fence Type : Windbreaker Mesh Panel
Brand : HESLY
Standard : ISO & Third Party Certificates
Contact Info : info@heslymetalmesh.com
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Windbreaker Mesh Panel

HESLY Windbreak Fence Panels, also known as wind barrier or wind and dust fence, which is a system using a certain opening rate perforated metal sheet to reduce wind speed and dust. First, as a steel barrier to prevent dust flying, the second, creating a microenvironment to regulate the air flow, in order to achieve a large yard wind break and dust control technology. The technology is to maximize the consumption of kinetic energy of wind, to reduce the wind speed, to avoid the wind significant vortex, so as to achieve a good effect of dust control and windproof. The integrated windproof and dust control effect of our windbreak panel wall is very obvious. Wind and dust comprehensive effect of single layer windbreak wall is up to 65% - 85%.


  • High strength, toughness, resistance to bending.

  • Anti-aging, anti-corrosion, rustproof, anti high temperature, and anti-acid.

  • Electrical insulation, fire retardant.

  • Flat and smooth surface can be colored in various colors.

  • Simple structure, easy to install and maintenance-free.

  • Long service life, generally up to 10 years.

Technical Info of HESLY Wind break mesh panels:

  • Material: steel plate, galvanized plate, color coated sheet, stainless steel sheet, nickel-plated bright sheet.

  • Surface treatment: electro static power coating.

  • Electrostatic Polyethylene spray color: blue, red, orange, green, yellow. Blue is the common color.

  • Length: 0.5m - 8.0m.

  • Common thickness 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm. This is after coating thickness, and the coating layer is thickness 0.1mm.

  • Perforation holes shape: round, oval, rectangle.

  • Holes diameter: 6mm - 10mm.

  • Aperture Opening Rate: 30% - 40%.

  • Types: wind dust net includes single peak wind dust net, twins peaks wind dust net, three peaks wind dust net, and five peaks wind dust net.

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Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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