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Saturday,2021-08-14 14:40:41 Events & News
A perimeter security system uses the property boundary barrier and gives the owner a buffer time against intruders since it’s located away from the main building outline or footprint. Having a f
Wednesday,2021-08-11 20:54:55 Events & News
3D Wire Mesh Panel is one of the most popular options for customers, and this fence panels provides security and a fascinating look. The "3D" crimpes increases the stability of the mesh. 
Tuesday,2021-08-10 21:58:47 Events & News
Protect you home with a great fence !  A strong and reliable security fence can be a wise investment in your home or business, as it provides protection from intruders and increas
Saturday,2021-08-07 20:19:43 Events & News
We have been making and exporting Temporary Fencing Panels and the related accessories many years. For Temp Fence, Australia, New Zealand and North America are the main market. As professiona
Tuesday,2021-08-03 18:18:13 Events & News
A flexible Wind Fence Fabric. Compared with metal windbreak netting, the flexible wind break fabric has softer structure and lighter weight, which is economical and high blocking efficiency. Fl
Friday,2021-07-30 21:43:51 Events & News
We have been making and exporting Wind and Dust Control Fence system many years. Our Wind Break Barrier panels have been exported many contries. We HeslyFence are rich experience in wind fence f
Friday,2021-07-30 21:29:41 Events & News
Don't to be a hands-on manager ! No matter how smart and energetic you are, it is not the right way to do everything yourself. Because you are not absolutely all-powerful. You must know an
Sunday,2021-07-25 09:28:39 Events & News
The Military Gabion Barrier (also called Defensive Barrier ) plays an important role in the peacekeeping mission of UN peacekeeping force. Hesly China Defense Barriers have been making and expo
Friday,2021-07-23 12:04:57 Events & News
HESLY Metal Mesh Factory have been making and exporting high grade Wire Mesh products. For some customers who just know little about the products. As a professional supplier, we must have the ability
Thursday,2021-07-22 22:18:04 Events & News
A few months ago, our customer placed a order for Welded Mesh Fence , Chain Link Fence and Studded T post . We just spent 15 days to finished all of the fencing (1X40'HQ). Unfortunately,
Monday,2021-07-12 22:17:57 Events & News
The military defensive barrier system is a kind of welded gabion which is lined with heavy duty geotextile. The most popular color of the geotextile is Beige/Sand and Military Green/Olive Gree
Saturday,2021-07-10 13:13:49 Events & News
Generally Chain link Mesh  is made of woven steel wire than forms a diamond pattern and is then either galvanized in zinc or coated in vinyl. Because of its economical nature, it is utiliz