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Airport Perimeter Fencing

HESLY Airport Perimeter Security Fence
Airport Perimeter Fencing
Airport Fencing China

Airport Perimeter Fencing is a key part of the overall security plan and counter terrorism initiative at airports around the world.

Hesly Fencing Systems have been a key partner in the design, manufacturer and supply of airport fencing to a number of airports over the last 20 years continuing to innovate the field of airport fencing systems and gate solutions.

Airport fence is a physical barriers to deter and delay the access of unauthorized person onto nonpublic areas of airports. These are usually permanent barriers and designed to be an obvious visual barrier as well as a physical one. They also serve to meet safety requirements in many cases.

HESLY Airport Fence is mainly consist of "3D" welded wire panels fence, 358 high security fence and chain link fence. And all of these fences can be installed razor wire and barbed wire on the top.  HESLY Airport perimeter fence is made of low carbon steel, feature with anti-fracture, anti-aging and good toughness. In addition, airport perimeter allow warning signs stick on. Airport perimeter fence certainly is an ideal choice for using the airfield.

"3D" Welded Wire Panels - Airport Fence

It is a type of welded mesh fence panels, with rigid structure and long service life. It is an alternative to the chain link fence. The curves on the panel can increase the anti-climb performance and make the fence more beautiful. The curvy wire mesh fence is commonly used combine with barbed wires and razor wires to increase the intrusion difficulty.

358 Anti-climb Security Fence - Airport Fence

It is regarded as the highest grade of security fence for airports. The extra thick wires and extremely small mesh opening make it anti-cut and anti-climbing. Though it is much more expensive than the other airport fencing, but the highest security grade is worthy for its price. Barbed wire, razor wire, wall spikes and other available toppings increase intrusion difficulty.

Chain Link Airport Fencing

Chain link fence is regarded as the most suitable and economical physical barrier for securing the airside. It is low-maintenance, provides clear visibility for security patrols and is available in varieties that can be installed in almost any environments. Barbed wire, razor wire and other available toppings increase intrusion difficulty.