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Dust Control Solutions

Coal Yard dust control fence
Steel Windbreak Fence
steel wind break barriers
HESLY Dust Control Fence
Dust Control Fence Support Pole
Dust Control Barrier Wall

Our dust control measures are suitable a variety of construction sites, including coal yards, iron ore yards, Petroleum Coke Dust Control mining conditions, power stations, smelting plants, marine and bulk handling and more. 

The Hesly Wind & Dust control system is designed to effectively control dust and wind, and in order to guarantee a top performance, we carry out different control processes according to different countries, regions, climates, and customer requirements. We have extensive experience in dust control, and will offer the right dust control solution for your needs.

The dust suppression system is primarily composed of a steel fence panel, steel structure and a foundation, all of which are chosen, and paired with a related design drawing, according to customer requirements and usage conditions. If customers need assistance or guidance in the dust control system construction, our service team can be sent to the customer’s site until installation is successfully complete.

Why can windbreak improve the environment ?

The principle of windbreak wall is directly related to dusting, drifting, diffusion and settlement of dust. When the wind passes through the coal or iron powder yard, the complex gradient wind eld will be formed on the surface of the undulating, concave and convex yard, which creates a series of vortices on the site. Even if there is a strong wind, the wind fence system lets the winds merge together again more gently with less turbulence, so that coal dust will not spread outside of the protective fence, thereby preventing environmental pollution. Wind fence can be used in a wider range of areas, and here's a typical example of wind and dust control we've done. As a professional industrial wind and dust controlling project solution specialist, we can quickly provide effective project design, wind fencing system development and assembly and after-sales support according to your occasion.