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Sunday,2023-11-12 16:04:17 Events & News
Rockfall protection system can be either active or passive. The main function of rockfall protection is to prevent and control rocks and debris from falling. We heslyfence have several netting and fence systm that can be used as rockfall protection systems. They're widely used in new developments and in areas where slopes have not been completely stabilized. Rockfall protecti......  Read More>>>
Sunday,2023-09-03 17:05:45 Events & News
Steel Chevron Panel Fence ...... 
Saturday,2023-07-15 10:38:36 Events & News
Single Peak Perforated Metal Windbreak Panel ...... 
Thursday,2023-06-15 19:17:48 Events & News
HESLY Temporary Steel Hoarding Panels In June, our excellent quality Temporary Steel Hoarding Panels were exported to Mauritius. Our Steel Hoarding is available in a standard galvanised finish however powder coated/painted can be supplied to match your corporate colours and identity. These robust hoarding panels offer a cost effective and robust site security option. ......  Read More>>>
Friday,2022-08-19 20:33:42 Events & News
This is a special Wind & Dust control fence panels which is ordered from North America. This wind break panels is made of galvanized steel sheet and with matt black powder coating. ......  Read More>>>
Monday,2022-08-08 20:48:18 Events & News
Clear View Fence is known as an enemy of climbing (anti-climb), anti cut and CCTV optimized for better visuals of the other side of the security border fencing. With the appealing style and constant development of our products, we intend to give the best quality Clear View Fence solution customized to your needs. HESLY ClearVu fencing is designed and continuously modified thro......  Read More>>>
Monday,2022-07-18 16:37:09 Events & News
The hesly military protective wall system is a new modular protection gabion system made from galvanized steel wire mesh frame lined with heavy duty geotextile and filled with sand, cobblestone and oils etc. This modular protective wall can be supplied in different sizes and configurations for use in a wide variety of purposes and scenarios. Simple and easy manual assembly, no tools necessar......  Read More>>>
Saturday,2022-07-16 14:36:14 Events & News
SNS Rockfall Protection Barrier System is a general term used for a group of mitigation measures designed to stop or control rockfall as they occurs. They are typically built using steel posts and a flexible-net supported by wire rope. The systems are anchored to the ground using rock or soil anchors. Their evolution over the past 50 years has seen them transform from rudimentary systems fab......  Read More>>>
Tuesday,2022-06-14 15:15:13 Events & News
Steel ring net system is one of passive protection barrier system . The steel ring net system main consists of steel ring nets and chain link fences. Sometimes, the steel wire ring net can be used with hexagonal wire mesh. The steel wire ring net is combined with several steel rings. The steel rings are made of high tensile steel wires. Single steel wire are looped with ends inserted into t......  Read More>>>
Tuesday,2022-05-31 15:57:23 Events & News
ANTI CLIMB FENCE is the ultimate heavy duty welded mesh panel providing the highest degree of security with excellent see through visibility. It has toe and finger proof profile. With spacing specification of 75mm x 12.5mm, it is impossible for fingers and toes to go through. Hence, it prevents anyone from climbing over the fence to reach the protected area. ANTI CLIMB FENCE is als......  Read More>>>
Tuesday,2022-05-31 15:25:44 Events & News
Chain Link Fence Fabric is one of the main components in a chain link fence system. The fabric, or 'mesh' as it is sometimes called is available in a variety of gauges, including 2.0mm to 4.0mm and 30mm to 100mm diamond hole. A hesly chain link mesh fabric is a type of woven mesh usually made from galvanised or PVC coated steel wire. The wires run vertically and are bend ......  Read More>>>
Saturday,2022-05-21 13:48:23 Events & News
HeslyFence specialism in the perimeter fence are the steel panels made of wire rod. We manufacture both single as double wire panels. A perimeter fence is a structure that circles the perimeter of an area to prevent access. These fences are frequently made out of single vertical metal bars connected at the top and bottom with a horizontal bar. They often have razor spikes or barbed ......  Read More>>>